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Why Personal Training?

There is no better way to get motivated, advance toward your goals, stay accountable, and learn - learn LOTS. 

I specialize in helping clients find the right balance of strength and fitness that meets their training goals and supports their physical and mental health. I also work specifically with older adults and new mums.


Working with a personal trainer gives you the WHAT and HOW to build muscle strength, endurance, and power. I specialize in creating personalized strength training programs for those looking to feel, look, and move stronger.


Conditioning your heart is a crucial component of any fitness routine. I combine weights, cardio equipment, and functional movement patterns. You'll train in different heart rate zones and improve your overall fitness, build strength, and get the satisfaction of a good sweat!


With my senior clients, I emphasize balance training (fall prevention!), strength training, and mobility - are all crucial to living well in our later years. Personal training can be a great for seniors working with specific conditions that require extra attention, while group classes are an excellent blend of fun movement and equally important, mental engagement and socialization. 


Exercising during and after pregnancy often comes with worries about what is safe for you and your baby. But the risks of doing NO exercise while pregnant are…too many. 


During pregancy and postpartum, your body might not feel like your own. Empowering yourself to maintain your strength and capacity can help you feel connected to your body, even as it changes and recovers. With mumhood clients, I focus on techniques and muscle groups that will be supportive during labor and facilitate recovery in the months afterward.

Olde Adults
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