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  • Why should I hire a personal trainer?
    Group exercise and independent exercise definitely have their place, but you can't get the same individualized progress, attention, and feedback that you do with a good personal trainer. In my own experience working with personal trainers, I discovered new activities that I never would have had the courage to try on my own, and I was given structure and motivation to continuously challenge myself. I couldn't be more grateful. Read more reasons to try personal training here.
  • I have a medical condition, injury, or am pregnant. How do I know I'll train safely?
    If you have a health concern, please bring it up during our initial consultation. If you've already started your program, please tell me as soon as it's known. For the majority of us, the benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks. When needed, we will make modifications to your program to help you continue to train safely. I will ask you to consult with a physician prior to starting training if I have any concerns with your health as a result of pre-training screening. I am qualified to work with pregnant/post-natal clients who are able to exercise.
  • I'm nervous! What can I expect?
    It's my job to make you feel comfortable. Our initial consultation is key to this: we'll discuss what you want from personal training, I'll answer any questions you have, and we can determine if we'll be a good fit for each other. A personal training sesh looks different for every client. But no matter what, you can expect a fun and challenging hour with a variety of movement designed to progress you safely toward your goals.
  • Do you coach pairs or groups?
    Yes! Training with a buddy or group of friends can be a huge motivator. If you want to try a sesh with your training partner, we'll use our consultation to discuss what program would meet both of your needs, so you can enjoy the experience together.
  • Why is strength training important?
    In addition to visible muscle definition, a good strength training program will: - strengthen bones and connective tissues - enhance brain-muscle connections - boost metabolism (more calories burned at rest) - make daily activities easier and less risky - support good posture and mobility
  • How do I become fit and healthy?
    It's a big question. I believe that overall fitness can be achieved by exercising CONSISTENTLY and with a VARIETY of styles, movements, and intensities. This approach also makes exercise fun, and supports general good health.
  • Why should I care so much about my core?
    In the long term, balance and coordination are key to injury prevention, as well as agility and ease of daily activities. It only takes one bad injury to make you regret not properly training your core! I'll find ways to train your stability muscles so they put in the effort along with their bigger, more popular ones - so everything works together efficiently
  • What are your Covid safety protocols?
    I am vaccinated and boosted, and require the same of all clients. Gym equipment is sanitized regularly.
  • Ok I'm interested! What do I do next?
    First, let's talk. ​ Contact me here, or email me directly: ​ Your consultation is free, and there is absolutely no obligation, so I hope to hear from you!
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