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Client Testimonials

Steph is amazing! We love our Sesh training! Both my wife & I train with her together, and now our daughter has started to learn how to improve her sports performance.

- Des, 49, Renton

Steph is GREAT. She worked with me and my teenage son, a weightlifting novice, to figure out a workout plan that would be fun and relevant to him. He's now super excited about strength training. Steph is willing to explain anything, modify anything where necessary, and super positive. Highly recommended!!

- Josh, Kirkland

Stephanie is PHENOMENAL!! I have been training with her for a few months and this is the strongest I have ever been. She has helped me recover from a C-section and build my body's endurance. Her sessions are fun and full of variety. I am never bored and never dread a workout.


I'm strong enough to keep up with my kids and can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans- a win-win! I whole-heartedly recommend Sesh Training for anyone (I even signed my mother and my neighbor up!)

- Kira, 34, Kirkland

Stephanie is the best personal trainer I have ever had! She is very accommodating and she will adjust the plan according to my specific body condition. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

- Ying, 32, Kirkland

When I began training with Stephanie, my goals were to lower my blood sugar, lose weight and get strong and steady.

TA-DA It is working! Stephanie's approach to training is all encompassing, very fun, never boring. I find her to be very knowledgeable in training, in so many ways.

She is smart about her approach, technique building is big with her, as it should be. She is the real meal deal, walks and talks fitness. I find her to be professional, thorough, super smart, punctual, warm, caring, and committed to helping others achieve overall wellness through fitness training. I am IN for life!

Thank you Stephanie, for all that you do.

- Pam, 62, Bothell

I used to play rugby, tennis, and soccer, but I was never really fit until I trained with Stephanie.

- Frank, 94, Kirkland

I have been working with Steph on specific goals throughout lockdown (competition training, upper body strength). The structure of her sessions has kept me motivated and I have noticed huge improvements. Steph is super intuitive, she knew straight away I could push myself more and encourages me to do so. Her knowledge & passion for fitness  and training is infectious and inspiring!

- Jemma, 40, London

Ever think about going to the gym or working out and completely lack the confidence or knowledge to do it? That is where my head was at.


I was recommended Steph as a personal trainer by a friend and it was the best decision I could have made. Having someone build a program that is tailored to you and not just a generic work out other PTs put together for you makes a hell of a difference. Steph genuinely cares about your progress and this in itself is a motivation. If you use Steph as a coach then consider yourself on the right path to bettering your physical and mental health.

- Dan, 28, London

Stephanie not only knows how to make you feel the glorious burn, but she does it in such a motivating way, that it truly is FUN!  No more dreading a workout - because she mixes it up each time and puts you into a relaxed and fun mindset.  Her professionalism and deep knowledge make you feel like you are in the best hands. 

As I am currently in the early stages of my first pregnancy, Stephanie ensured that the programmes she designed for me were not only safe, but were targeting critical areas to help me get stronger and ease the (likely!) pain of delivery.


- Megan, mum-to-be, Germany

As my trainer I really appreciated how Stephanie carefully described how to do each move, informed me of its purpose as well as where I should be feeling the muscle pull.

- Linda, 65, Issaquah

Steph has been absolutely brilliant  - with her encouragement and knowledge I've achieved numerous goals, and I've also discovered that I actually enjoy weight training! 

- Cat, 29, London

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