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In every sesh, I want to inspire my clients to embrace fitness with purpose and play.



Find your why


Move with enjoyment

Try something new

Progress confidence, strength,

fitness, and health



Form and technique come first, both for progression and for injury prevention. Once you know why and how, you can advance your movements to be faster, heavier, and more complex.

Health focused

We'll find the right pace and I'll help you through any physical or mental obstacles along the way. When it comes to long-term health and progress, commitment and consistency always beat speed.


I just don't think I can overemphasize how much I love this stuff, and how badly I want you to love it, too. Training is not punishment, nor is it an excuse to make you feel bad. That's not my style.


You might as well know, I will make you work hard. Sometimes, if you're up for it, extra hard. But always with your best interests in mind, promise!

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